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Verbs: Present 2

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a respecta
to respect
a acționa
to act
a ascunde
to hide
a conține
to contain
a tăia
to cut
a alerga
to run
a crede
to believe
a găti
to cook
a spune
to say (to tell)
a da
to give
a intra
to enter
a termina
to finish
a câștiga
to win, to earn
a arunca
to throw
a spăla
to wash
a merge pe jos
to walk (on the ground)
a pune
to put
a muri
to die
a merita
to deserve
a arăta
to show, to appear
a motiva
to motivate
a ninge
to snow
a oferi
to offer
a deschide
to open
a pierde
to lose
a fotografia
to photograph
a transporta
to transport
a purta
to wear
a deține
to own
a lua
to take
a propune
to propose
a sugera
to suggest
a apuca
to grab
a dori
to wish
a urma
to follow
a găsi
to find
a vinde
to sell
a închide
to close
a vizita
to visit
a deveni
to become
a adăuga
to add
a rupe
to tear, to break
a îmbunătăți
to improve
a auzi
to hear
a trăi
to live