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CAD/CAM embroidery
Machines are used to design and embroider
Sublimation Printing
Heat and pressure used to transfer an image
A seven-needled device used to create texture
Silk painting
A procedure that uses "Gutta" as a border
A method using wax as resist
Screen Printing
printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil
Cutting shapes out of fabric and sewing them onto a textile product
Padded Appliqué
Placing wadding or stuffing between the fabric pieces to give depth and 3D effect
Reverse Appliqué
Holes are cut out of the main fabric, and appliqué fabric is sewn behind
Decorative stitching
Using wadding between 2 layers of fabric
Adding colour to the material
Resist Dyeing
Melted wax applied to cloth before being dipped into dye
Block Printing
A design is drawn onto a block. Colour is added to the block. Block is pressed firmly onto fabric
Discharge Printing
A bleaching agent is used to remove colour from previously dyed fabric
Tie Dye
Tying the fabric tightly, then placing into dye, forming a pattern at the end
Yarn Dyeing
The material is dyed straight after being spun into a yarn
Space Dyeing
The yarn is dyed at intervals along it's length. E.g. Knitted, dyed, then knitted...