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accuracy, detail, storage+ portability, ease
expense, specialist training, manufacturing time may be lost if it goes wrong
Computer aided design
Computer aided manufacture
Surface Modelling
Representing solid appearing objects
Virtual Product
A raw material, or primary agricultural product that exists in "digital space"
Working drawing
A scale or drawing, serving as a guide for the manufacture of a product
Lay Plan
Height, length, colour, mix and selection of fabrics to be cut and used
Colour ways
Any range of combinations of colours in which a style or design is available
Cutting Machine
Automatically cuts the fabric, according to CAD layplan instructions
Pressing Machine
Flattens the fabric and seams to give a professional finish
Fabric Printer
CAD design is transferred to a digital printer. The design is printed directly onto the fabric
Computer Control
Using CAD, designs can easily be changed
CAD communication
Communication between designer, manufacturer, and client. Speeds up design feedback loop
CNC machine
computer numerical control