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ratio, proportion, percentage
노인의 인구비율
ratio of the elderly population (using 노인)
노인 부양
support (n.) for the elderly (노인, not 지지, 응원)
absurd, ludicrous
터무니없이 비싸다
absurdly expensive
advance, enter, go into (starts with 진)
여성의 사회 진출이 점점 늘어나고 있다
The number of women entering the workforce (society) is gradually increasing
increase, grow, stretch
position, stance
입장을 난처하다
to be in an embarrassing/awkward position (starting with 난)
입장을 바꿔 놓고 생각해 보세요
try to put (yourself) in my position/shoes (order)
하늘의 별따기다
like finding a needle in a haystack/ (lit. like finding a star in the sky)
a policy (not 대책)
negative, pessimistic (not 비관적)
부정적 영향
a negative influence
just happen to be... just in time for...
마침 너를 이야기를 하고 있었다
(we) just happened to be talking about you.
마침 잘 왔다
(you) came at the perfect time