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corporal punishment
체벌을 가하다
to inflict corporal punishment (on)
procedure (for) process (of) - not 과정
취업 비자를 받기 위한 절차가 복잡하다
The procedure for getting a work visa is complicated (lots of red tape)
역효과를 내다
to have the opposite effect
original, primary (not 원래)
본래의 의미를 잊다
to forget (lose) the original meaning
resistance, defiance, resentment
accept, embrace, agree to, accomodate
변화를 수용하다
to accept change
비판을 수용하다
to accept critism (not 비난)
to settle for, be happy with
현실에 안주하다
to settle for the way things are (status quo)
현재의 직장에 안주하고 있다
to be happy with one's present job (직장)