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In itself
Merely potential or implicit, unreflective. Considered separately from other things.
For itself
Reflective, explicit, self-comprehending, developed.
In and for itself
Completely developed; both at home with itself, and finding itself in the other.
The autonomous / immanent self-criticism or self-development of a subject matter.
Adjective Hegel uses to describe his philosophy. A point of view that sublates the opposition between the subjective and the objective. (Not related to risk, warrantlessness etc.)
Verstand. The intellect qua fixing, isolating, and analysing.
Vernunft. Conceptual and reflective thought, the use of concepts in self-understanding.
One-sided, empty, devoid of content. Cut off from thought or other sensory items. Opposed to concrete.
The thing in its entirety. Grown together.
What a thing really is, the thing in itself, its conceptual core. Contrasts with 'being' in a wide sense, and with appearance.
1) Schein - The mere 'shining forth' of an essence 2) Erscheinung - full disclosure in which nothing is hidden.