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Cardiology (I)

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Causes of postural hypotension
Hypovolaemia/Hypopituitarism; Addison's Disease; Neuropathy (Autonomic); Drugs (vasodilators, tricyclic antidepressants, diuretics, antipsychotics); Idiopathic
Common causes of bradycardia
Physiological (athletes/sleep), Paroxysmal bradycardia; AV 2nd-degree block (type II)/3rd degree; Drugs (beta-blockers, digoxin, amiodarone); Hypothyroid/hypothermia; Icterus (if severe); MI
Commoner causes of ST elevation
MI; Ventricular aneurysm; Prinzmetal's Angina; Pericarditis
Less common causes of ST elevation
Electrolyte imbalance; LBBB; Early repolarisation; Vent. hypertrophy; Aneurysm; Tx (i.e. pericardiocentesis); Injury (i.e. contusion); Osborne waves (hypothermia); Non-occlusive vasospasm (Prinzmetal'
Features of acute arterial obstruction in an extremity
Pistol shot onset; Pain; Pallor; Paraesthesia; Paralysis; Perishing cold or Poikilothermia
Differential for a leg ulcer
Venous insufficiency; Arterial insufficiency; Infection (i.e. syphilis); Neuropathic; Pressure sores; Arthritis (i.e. RA, PAN); Injury; Neoplastic