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Gastrointestinal (II)

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Some causes of jaundice
Anaesthetics; Blood transfusion; Contacts (sexual); Drugs; Ethanol; Foreign travel (Hep A, E); Gallstones, Gilbert's syn; Haemophilia, Hep; Idiopathic, IVDU; Jobs - farmers, sewage workers (Weil's dz)
Some indications for prophylactic bowel surgery
Appendicitis; Polyposis Coli; Penetrating wounds; Low grade metaplasia (colon); Extensive mucosal burns
Some symptoms of GIT obstruction
Pain; Vomiting; Distension; Constipation
Causes of hepatic encephalopathy
Haemorrhage; Electrolytes (hypokalaemic alkalosis); Protein excess; Alcohol, Analgesia; Trauma; Infection; Constipation; Uraemia; Surgery (porto-systemic shunt, ie TIPSS procedure)
Some conditions that present with rigors
Cholangitis; Abscess; Malaria; Pyelonephritis
Some causes of haemorrhagic ascites
Malignancy; Acute pancreatitis; Ruptured ectopic pregnancy; Abdominal trauma
Common causes of gynaecomastia
Digoxin; Isoniazid; Spironolactone; Cimetidine; Oestrogens; Methyldopa, Metronidazole; Tricyclic antidepressants; Verapamil