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Gastrointestinal (III)

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5 common associations with gallstone disease
Fat; Female; Forty; Fertile; Fatty food intolerance
Some causes of pancreatitis
Gallstones; Ethanol; Trauma; Steroids; Mumps; Autoimmune (ie PAN); Scorpion toxin; Hyperlipidaemia, hyperparathyroidism, hypercalcaemia, hypothermia; Drugs (ie azathiprine, thiazide diuretics)
6 causes of a distended abdomen
Fat; Faeces; Fluid; Flatus; Foetus; Food
Differential diagnosis of intestinal polyps
Tubular adenomas; Villous adenomas; Pseudopolyps (granulation); Hamartomatous polyps; Cancerous Polyps
Some features of obstructive jaundice
Icterus; Malabsorption; Bile salts in urine; Elevated ALP; Conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia; Itching; Light coloured stools; ERCP may reveal cause - stone, mass, stricture, papillary stenosis
Ranson's Criteria for assessing the prognosis of acute pancreatitis
Glucose > 11 mmol/L; Age > 55; LDH > 350 iu/L; WBC > 16 x 10^9/L; AST > 60 iu/L; Serum Ca2 < 2 mmol/L; Base XS > -4; Estimated fluid sequestration > 6 L; PaO2 < 8 kPa; HCT fall > 10%; Urea rise > 10 m
Some causes of an acute abdomen (not in any order)
Salpingitis; Colitis (IBD); Appendicitis; Mesenteric adenitis; Meckel's diverticulitis; Enteritis; Diverticulitis; Pancreatitis; Renal colic; Ectopic preg; Cholecystitis; Ischaemic bowel; Ovarian cyst