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Some general principles of diabetic ketoacidosis management
Fluid; Insulin drip; Rule out MI; Treat underlying cause
Causes of hypercalcaemia
Alkali (milk alkali syn); Diuretics (thiazide); Vitamin megadose (A, D); Immobilisation; Sarcoidosis; Endocrine (Addison's dz, thyrotoxicosis); Paget's dz; Idiopathic; Malignancy, PTH high
Some causes of hypoglycaemia
(Failure) Adrenal, Liver; Pituitary insufficy; Insulinomas, Immune hypogly; Non-pancr neoplasms (retroperiton sarc); Exogenous (insulin, oral hypoglycaemics, alcohol, pentamidine, quinine, quinolones)
General management of thyroid storm
Propylthiouracil - 1 gm po; Corticosteroids; Propranolol; Sliding scale insulin
Some general causes of SIADH
Surgery; Intracranial: infection, head injury, CVA; Alveolar: Cax, pus; Drugs: opiates, antiepileptics, cytotoxics, anti-psychotics; Hormonal: hypothyroid, low corticosteroid level
Some general symptoms of acromegaly
Arthralgia, Arthritis; Blood pressure raised; Carpal tunnel syndrome; Diabetes; Enlarged organs; Field defect (visual field defect - bitemporal hemianopia)
Some causes of hypernatraemia
Diuretics; Dehydration; Diabetes insipidus; Docs (iatrogenic); Diarrhoea; Disease: kidney, sickle cell etc