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Cardiology (II)

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Differential for a leg ulcer
Venous insufficiency; Arterial insufficiency; Infection (i.e. syphilis); Neuropathic; Pressure sores; Arthritis (i.e. RA, PAN); Injury; Neoplastic
Syncope differential (heart)
Heart attack (MI); Embolism of the pulmonary artery; Aortic obstruction (aortic stenosis, myxoma); Rhythm disturbance; Tachycardia, especially VT
Syncope differential (other)
Vasovagal; Ectopic pregnancy; Situational (i.e. micturition, defecation); Subclavian steal; Low systemic vascular resistance (i.e. anaphylaxis); Sensitive carotid sinus
Some common causes of asystole
Hyperkalaemia; Acidosis; Drugs; Hypoxia; Hypothermia; Hypokalaemia
Major Jones Criteria for Rheumatic Fever
Carditis; Arthritis (migratory); Subcutaneous nodules; Erythema marginatum; Sydenham's chorea
Minor Jones Criteria for Rheumatic Fever
Pyrexia; Prolonged PR interval; Past hx of rheumatic fever; Positive (raised) ESR and/or CRP; Athralgia