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Some common causes of mononeuritis multiplex
Diabetes mellitus; Rheumatoid arthritis; Wegener's granulomatosis; Carcinomatosis, Churg-Strauss syndrome; Leprosy; Amyloidosis; Polyarteritis nodosum; Systemic lupus erythematosis
6 side effects of monoamine oxidase inhibitors
Hepatocellular jaundice and necrosis; Hypotension (postural); Headache; Hyperreflexia (tyramine induced); Hallucinations; Hypomanic behaviour
3 categories of tricyclic antidepressant side effects
Anti-histaminergic (causes sedation); Anti-alpha-1-adrenergic (causes hypotension); Anti-muscarinic (causes dry mouth and blurred vision)
Some side effects of barbiturates
Ataxia; Behavioural (confusion, paradoxical excitement); Concentration loss; Diplopia, Drowsiness, Depression, Dizziness
Some side effects of antiepileptic medication
Ataxia, Anorexia; Blood dysc (leukopen, thrombocytopen, aplastic anaem); Cleft lip (teratogen); Dupuytren's, vit D def; Erythema + S-J's Syn; Fits; GI upset, Gum hypertrophy; Hepatitis, Hirsuitism
Some causes of an absent ankle jerk with an extensor plantar reflex
Subacute combined degeneration of the cord; Motor neuron disease; Taboparesis; Ataxia telangiectasia; Diabetic neuropathy; Friedreich's ataxia
Some features of myotonic dystrophy
Balding (frontal); Intellectual impairment; Glucose intolerance; Cataracts, Cardiomegaly; Handshake, Hyporeflexia; IgG decreased; Ptosis; Small ovaries/testes