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Departments (les services)

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The company consists of
L'entreprise se compose de
The company is made up of
L'entreprise est constituée de
The company includes
L'entreprise comprend
The company is divided into
L'entreprise est divisée en
The department is composed of
Le service est composé de
Head office
Siège social
Human Resources
Ressources Humaines
Finance department
Département des finances
Legal Department
Département juridique
Public relations department
Service des relations publiques
Accounts department
Service comptabilité
Advertising department
Service publicité
Marketing department
Service marketing
Purchasing department
Service achats
IT department
Service informatique
Invoicing Department
Service de facturation
Sales Department
Service commerciale
After-sales service
Service après-vente
Claims department
Service de réclamations
Research and Development
Recherche et Développement