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a group of people with skills or specialist knowledge who have been chosen to give advice or opinions on a particular subject
(technical) a model or example that shows how something works or is produced
part of a piece of writing which starts on a new line and contains at least one sentence
a relationship or similarity between two things, especially things that exist or happen in different places or at different times
two lines, paths etc that are * to each other are the same distance apart along their whole length
(written) if one thing *s another, they happen at the same time or are similar, and seem to be related
a set of fixed limits that control the way that something should be done
sb who is taking part in an activity or event
(formal) to take part in an activity or event
the act of taking part in an activity or event
(formal) a participatory way of organizing sth, making decisions etc is one that involves everyone who will be affected
1) one of two people who are married, or who live together and have a sexual relationship 2) one of the owners of a business 3) sb you do a particular activity with, for example dancing or playing a game against two other people
the state of being a partner in business
sb who is passive tends to accept things that happen to them or things that people say to them, without taking any action
the passive
(technical) the * form of a verb, for example 'was destroyed' in the sentence 'The building was destroyed during the war.'
1) (written) to understand or think of sth or sb in a particular way 2) (formal) to notice, see, or recognize sth
1) an amount expressed as if it is part of a total which is 100 2) a share of the profits
1) the way you think about sth and your idea of what it is like 2) the way that you notice things with your senses of sight, hearing etc
1) a particular length of time with a beginning and an end 2) a particular time in someone's life or in history
happening a number of times, usually at regular times
a magazine, especially one about a serious or technical subject
to continue to do sth, although this is difficult, or other people oppose it
1) determination to do sth even though it is difficult or other people oppose it 2) when sth continues to exist or happen, especially for longer than is usual or desirable
1) continuing to exist or happen, especially for longer than is usual or desirable 2) continuing to do sth, although this is difficult, or other people warn you not to do it
1) a way of thinking about sth, especially one which is influenced by the type of person you are or by your experiences 2) a sensible way of judging and comparing situations so that you do not imagine that sth is more serious than it really is
one of the stages of a process of development or change
to make sth happen gradually in a planned way
very great or impressive
sth that happens or exists in society, science, or nature, especially sth that is studied because it is difficult to understand
sb who studies and develops ideas about the nature and meaning of existence, truth, good and evil etc
1) relating to philosophy 2) calmly accepting a difficult or unpleasant situation which cannot be changed
to talk about serious subjects in detail or for a long time
1) the study of the nature and meaning of existence, truth, good and evil, etc 2) the views of a particular philosopher or group of philosophers
1) related to sb's body rather than their mind or emotions 2) a * relationship involves sex rather than just friendship
in relation to your body rather than your mind or emotions
1) used to show that one number or amount is added to another [≠ minus] 2) and also
(informal) sth that is an advantage
1) used to talk about an advantage or good feature of a thing or situation [≠ minus] 2) used after a number to mean an amount which is more than that number
1) a way of doing sth that has been officially agreed and chosen by a political party, business, or other organization 2) a contract with an insurance company, or an official written statement giving all the details of such a contract
1) a part of sth larger, especially a part that is different from the other parts 2) an amount of food for one person, especially when served in a restaurant [= serving, helping]
1) to exist in a way that may cause a problem, danger, difficulty etc 2) to sit or stand in a particular position in order to be photographed or painted, or to make someone do this
the position in which sb stands or sits, especially in a painting, photograph etc
1) if you are * about things, you are hopeful and confident, and think about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad [≠ negative] 2) good or useful
1) used to emphasize that sth is true, especially when this seems surprising 2) in a way that shows you agree with sth or want it to succeed
likely to develop into a particular type of person or thing in the future [= possible]
1) the possibility that sth will develop in a particular way, or have a particular effect 2) if people or things have potential, they have a natural ability or quality that could develop to make them very good
sth that is potentially dangerous, useful etc is not dangerous etc now, but may become so in the future
1) sb who works as a doctor or a lawyer 2) sb who regularly does a particular activity
(formal) to happen or exist before sth or sb, or to come before sth else in a series
when sb or sth is considered to be more important than sb or sth else, and therefore comes first or must be dealt with first [= priority]
1) an action or official decision that can be used to give support to later actions or decisions 2) sth of the same type that has happened or existed before
(formal) happening or coming before the time, place, or part mentioned [= previous; ≠ following]
1) * information, details etc are exact, clear, and correct [= exact] 2) used to emphasize that you are referring to an exact thing [= exact]
1) exactly and correctly [= exactly] 2) used to emphasize that a particular thing is completely true or correct
the quality of being very exact or correct
made or done in a very exact way
to say that sth will happen, before it happens
if sth or sb is *, you know what will happen or what they will do - sometimes used to show disapproval
a statement about what you think is going to happen, or the act of making this statement
1) if there is a * of one type of person or thing in a group, there are more of that type than of any other type 2) sb or sth that has * has the most power or importance in a particular group or area
more powerful, more common, or more easily noticed than others
mostly or mainly
1) (formal) if one type of person or thing *s in a group or area, there are more of this type than any other 2) to have the most importance or influence, or to be most easily noticed
happening before sth that is more important, often in order to prepare for it
1) sth that is said or done first, to introduce or prepare for sth else 2) one of the games in the first part of a competition, when it is decided who will go on to the main competition
used to say that you think sth is probably true
1) to think that sth is true, although you are not certain [= assume] 2) (formal) to accept sth as being true and base sth else on it [= presuppose]
1) sth that you think is true because it is very likely 2) (law) the act of thinking sth is true, bad, or good until it is shown to not be true, bad, or good
having happened or existed before the event, time, or thing that you are talking about now
before now or before a particular time
(formal) if sb or sth has *, they are the best or most important person or thing
1) most important [= main] 2) (especially BE) relating to the education of children between five and eleven years old (= elementary AE)
1) most important [= main] 2) of the very best quality or kind
most important [= main]
1) a moral rule or belief about what is right and wrong, that influences how you behave 2) the basic idea that a plan or system is based on
1) (formal) sb who is * has strong opinions about what is morally right and wrong 2) based on clear and definite ideas
existing or arranged before sth else or before the present situation [= previous]
to put several things, problems etc in order of importance, so that you can deal with the most important ones first
1) the thing that you think is most important and that needs attention before anything else 2) the right to be given attention first and before other people or things
(formal) connected with a procedure, especially in a law court
1) a way of doing sth, especially the correct or usual way 2) a medical treatment or operation
1) (formal) to continue to do sth that has already been planned or started 2) (formal) to continue
the proceeding
an event or a series of things that happen
(formal) the money that is obtained from doing sth or selling sth
1) a series of actions that are done in order to achieve a particular result 2) a series of things that happen naturally and result in gradual change
1) to make food, materials, or goods ready to be used or sold, for example by preserving or improving them in some way 2) to deal with an official document, request etc in the usual way 3) to deal with information using a computer
processed food has substances added to it before it is sold, in order to preserve it, improve its colour etc
1) relating to a job that needs special education and training 2) showing that sb has been well trained and is good at their work
the skill and high standards of behaviour expected of a professional person
1) as part of your work 2) in a way that shows high standards and good training
1) to say that an action is illegal or not allowed [= ban, forbid] 2) (formal) to make sth impossible or prevent it from happening
1) the act of saying that sth is illegal 2) an order stopping sth
1) * costs are so high that they prevent people from buying or doing sth 2) a * rule prevents people from doing things
1) a carefully planned piece of work to get information about sth, to build sth, to improve sth etc 2) a part of a school or college course that involves careful study of a particular subject over a period of time
1) to calculate what sth will be in the future, using the information you have now 2) to stick out beyond an edge or surface [= protrude]
1) a statement or calculation about what sth will be in the future or was in the past, based on information available now 2) (formal) sth that sticks out from a surface
1) to help sth to develop or increase 2) to give sb a better, more responsible job in a company [≠ demote] 3) to help sell a new product, film etc by offering it at a reduced price or by advertising it
1) sb who arranges and advertises concerts or sports events 2) sb who tries to persuade people to support or use sth
1) a move to a more important job or position in a company or organization 2) an activity intended to help sell a product, or the product that is being promoted
1) a part of a number or amount, considered in relation to the whole 2) the relationship between two things in size, amount, importance etc 3) the correct or most suitable relationship between the size, shape, or position of the different parts of sth
sth that is * to sth else is in the correct or most suitable relationship to it in size, amount, importance etc [≠ disproportionate]
(formal) proportional
1) the possibility that sth will happen 2) a particular event which will probably or definitely happen in the future - used especially when you want to talk about how you feel about it
1) sb who is likely to do a particular thing or achieve a particular position 2) likely to happen
1) a system of rules about the correct way to behave on an official occasion 2) (formal) an international agreement between two or more countries
1) relating to the way that your mind works and the way that this affects your behaviour 2) relating to what is in sb's mind rather than what is real
sb who is trained in psychology
1) the study of the mind and how it influences people's behaviour 2) the mental processes involved in believing in sth or doing a certain activity
1) the process of printing a book, magazine etc and offering it for sale 2) a book, magazine etc
1) to arrange for a book, magazine etc to be written, printed, and sold 2) if a newspaper or magazine publishes a letter, article etc, it prints it for people to read
a person or company whose business is to arrange the writing, production, and sale of books, newspapers etc
the business of producing books and magazines
(formal) to buy sth
(formal) sth you buy, or the act of buying it
to continue doing an activity or trying to achieve sth over a long period of time
1) when sb tries to get, achieve, or find sth in a determined way 2) when sb chases or follows sb else