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narrow plastic material covered with a special magnetic substance, on which you can record sounds, pictures, or computer information
a narrow length of plastic that is sticky on one side and is used to stick things together
1) to record sound or pictures onto a tape 2) to stick sth onto sth else using tape
the person or place that is most directly affected by an action, especially a bad one
to make sth have an effect on a particular limited group or area
to give sb the responsibility for doing sth
a group of people who have been chosen to work together to do a particular job
to put two things or people together, because they will look good or work well together
connected with knowledge of how machines work
1) according to the exact details of a rule or law 2) concerning the special skills that are needed to play music, do a sport etc
1) a special way of doing sth 2) the special way in which you move your body when you are playing music, doing a sport etc, which is difficult to learn and needs a lot of skill
related to technology
new machines, equipment, and ways of doing things that are based on modern knowledge about science and computers
continuing for only a limited period of time [≠ permanent]
a tense situation is one in which you feel very anxious and worried because of sth bad that might happen
1) a nervous worried feeling that makes it impossible for you to relax 2) the feeling that exists when people or countries do not trust each other and may suddenly attack each other or start arguing
a * illness cannot be cured, and causes death
1) a big building where people wait to get onto planes, buses, or ships, or where goods are loaded 2) a piece of computer equipment consisting of at least a keyboard and a screen, that you use for putting in or taking out information from a large computer
(formal) if sth *s, or if you * it, it ends [= end]
1) (formal) the act of ending sth, or the end of sth 2) (technical) a medical operation to end the life of a developing child before it is born [= abortion]
1) any written material 2) the writing that forms the main part of a book, magazine etc, rather than the pictures or notes
(formal) relating to the way that a book, magazine etc is written
relating to a particular theme, or organized according to a theme
the main subject or idea in a piece of writing, speech, film etc
1) relating to the study of ideas, especially scientific ideas, rather than with practical uses of the ideas or practical experience 2) a theoretical situation or condition could exist but does not really exist
1) used to say what is supposed to be true in a particular situation, especially when the opposite is true 2) according to a scientific idea that has not been proven to be true in a practical way
sb who develops ideas within a particular subject that explain why particular things happen or are true
1) an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain sth about life or the world, especially an idea that has not yet been proved to 2) general principles and ideas about a subject
(formal) with the result that sth else happens
1) a long piece of writing about a particular subject that you do as part of an advanced university degree such as an MA or a PhD 2) (formal) an idea or opinion about sth, that you discuss in a formal way and give examples for
a subject that people talk or write about
a subject that is topical is interesting because it is important at the present time
1) to find sb or sth that has disappeared by searching for them carefully 2) to find the origins of when sth began or where it came from 3) to study or describe the history, development, or progress of sth
1) a small sign that shows that sb or sth was present or existed 2) a very small amount of a quality, emotion, substance etc that is difficult to see or notice
sb who respects tradition and does not like change
a copy of a map, drawing etc made by tracing it
1) being part of the traditions of a country or group of people 2) following ideas and methods that have existed for a long time, rather than doing anything new or different [= conventional]
1) to move from one place, school, job etc to another, or to make sb do this, especially within the same organization 2) (formal) to move from one place to another, or to move sth from one place to another
1) the process by which sb or sth moves or is moved from one place, job etc to another 2) sb or sth that has been moved in this way
(formal) the process of moving sb or sth from one place, position, job etc to another
to completely change the appearance, form, or character of sth or sb, especially in a way that improves it
a complete change in sb or sth
1) the process of moving goods or people from one place to another 2) a system for moving people from place to place [= transport BE; = transportation AE]
(formal) when sth changes from one form or state to another
relating to a period during which sth is changing from one state or form into another
continuing or existing for only a short time
1) the process of sending out electronic signals, messages etc, using radio, television, or other similar equipment 2) (formal) the process of sending or passing sth from one person, place, or thing to another
1) to send out electronic signals, messages etc using radio, television, or other similar equipment 2) (formal) to send or pass sth from one person, place or thing to another
1) (BE) a system or method for carrying passengers or goods from one place to another [= transportation AE] 2) the process or business of taking goods from one place to another [= transportation AE]
to take goods, people etc from one place to another in a vehicle
1) (AE) a system or method for carrying passengers or goods from one place to another [= transport BE] 2) (AE) the process or business of taking goods from one place to another [= transport BE]
a long vehicle that can carry one or more other vehicles
the part of a gun that you pull with your finger to fire it
1) to make sth happen very quickly, especially a series of events 2) to make sth such as a bomb or electrical system start to operate