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a * ticket, document, or agreement is legally or officially acceptable [≠ invalid]
a * reason, argument etc is based on what is reasonable or sensible
(formal) to prove that sth is true or correct, or to make a document or agreement officially and legally acceptable [= confirm]
1) likely to change often 2) sometimes good and sometimes bad
sth that may be different in different situations, so that you cannot be sure what will happen
1) sb's * is their health and happiness 2) help that is provided for people who have personal or social problems
(AE) money that is paid by the government in the US to people who are very poor or unemployed [= benefit (BE)]
(formal) used to say that although sth is true of one thing, it is not true of another
(formal) by means of which or according to which
existing or happening in many places or situations, or among many people
be at variance
(formal) if two people or things are at variance with each other, they do not agree or are very different
1) sth that is slightly different from the usual form of sth 2) (technical) a slightly different form of a word or phrase
1) a difference between similar things, or a change from the usual amount or form of sth 2) sth that is done in a way that is different from the way it is usually done
consisting of or including many different kinds of things or people, especially in a way that seems interesting
1) if several things of the same type *, they are all different from each other [= differ] 2) if sth *ies, it changes depending on the situation
1) (formal) a machine with an engine that is used to take people or things from one place to another, such as a car, bus, or truck 2) (formal) sth you use to express and spread your ideas, opinions etc [= medium]
1) a copy of sth that has been changed so that it is slightly different 2) sb's * of an event is their description of it, when this is different from the description given by another person
1) travelling through a place on the way to another place 2) using a particular person, machine etc to send sth
1) to disobey or do sth against an official agreement, law, principle etc 2) to do sth that makes sb feel that they have been attacked or have suffered a great loss of respect
1) an action that breaks a law, agreement, principle etc 2) sth that causes harm or damage by treating sb or their possessions without respect
1) very nearly a particular thing 2) made, done, seen etc on the Internet or on a computer, rather than in the real world
1) almost [= practically] 2) on a computer, rather than in the real world
1) the distance it is possible to see, especially when this is affected by weather conditions 2) the situation of being noticed by people in general
sth that is visible can be seen
in a way that is easy to see or notice
1) ability to see [= sight] 2) the area that you can see 3) an idea of what you think something should be like
relating to seeing
to form a picture of sb or sth in your mind [= imagine]
in appearance
1) the amount of sound produced by a television, radio etc 2) the total amount of sth, especially when it is large or increasing 3) a measurement of the amount of space that a substance or object fills, or the amount of space in a container
1) if you do sth *, you do it willingly, without anyone telling you to do it 2) if you do work *, you do it because you want to, and are not paid for it
1) done willingly and without being forced 2) (technical) * movements of your body are controlled by your conscious mind [≠ involuntary]
1) sb who does a job willingly without being paid 2) sb who is willing to offer help
1) to offer to do sth without expecting any reward, often sth that other people do not want to do 2) to tell sb sth without being asked