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Qanoq ateqarpit?
What is your name?
Borisimik ateqarpunga
My name is Boris
Brugsenimi sulisarpunga
I work in Brugsen
14inik ukioqarpunga
I am14 years old
14inik ukioqaLERpunga
I WILL SOON be 14 years old
Nuummi najugaqarpunga
I live in Nuuk
Kalaallisut ilinniarpunga, kisianni artornarpoq
I am learning Greenlandic but it is difficult
I AM a woman
I AM a teacher
I AM a doctor
I work in an office (I am an officeworker)
Naalakkersuisuni sulisarpunga
I work in the government
Meeqqerivimmi sulisarpunga
I am a child care worker
Ukiut pingasut Kalaallit Nunaanni najugaqarpunga
I have lived three years in Greenland
Ukioq ataaseq
One year
Ukiut marluk
Two years
SIX months
NuumMI inunngorpunga
I was born IN Nuuk