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Verbs: Present Perfect

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jag har
I ‹have›
det har regnat
It has rained
jag har haft
I have had
jag har läst
I have read
det har varit
It has been
jag har gått
I have gone, walked [via foot]
jag har lagat
I have fixed, I have cooked
jag har velat
I have wanted
jag har lekt
I have played [unstructured] (e.g. with a friend/animal)
jag har hört
I have heard
jag har ätit
I have eaten
jag har pratat
I have talked
jag har kommit
I have come
jag har betalat
I have paid
jag har sett
I have seen
jag har sagt
I have said
jag har lämnat
I have left
det har blivit
It has become
jag har gett
I have given
jag har skrivit
I have written
jag har lagt till
I have added
jag har ringt
I have called
jag har gjort
I have done, I have made
jag har fått
I have gotten, I have received
jag har tagit
I have taken
jag har frågat
I have asked
jag har skickat
I have sent
jag har tappat
I have lost, I have dropped
jag har utvecklat
I have developed
jag har presenterat
I have presented, I have introduced
jag har stängt
I have closed
jag har träffat
I have met
jag har försökt
I have tried [made an effort]
jag har sovit
I have slept
jag har arbetat
I have worked
jag har tänkt
I have thought
jag har åkt
I have gone, travelled [via transportation]
jag har följt
I have followed
jag har simmat
I have swum
jag har sjungit
I have sung
jag har valt
I have chosen
jag har hoppat
I have jumped
jag har tvingat
I have forced
jag har berättat
I have told
jag har bott
I have lived, I have inhabited
jag har beställt
I have ordered
jag har öppnat
I have opened
jag har vunnit
I have won
jag har stannat
I have stopped/stayed [somewhere]
jag har köpt
I have bought
jag har sålt
I have sold
jag har känt
I have known [someone]; I have felt
jag har druckit
I have drunk
jag har saknat
I have missed, lacked [someone/thing]
jag har slutat
I have finished
jag har antagit
I have supposed, I have presumed
jag har tvättat
I have washed
jag har stått
I have stood
for/during a long time
then, afterwards, after this/that
since, from the time that
before, previously