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jag ska betala
I will pay.
vi ska låta henne bestämma
We will let her decide.
han ska dricka en kaffe till
He will drink another coffee.
jag ska bjuda honom på lunch
I will offer him lunch.
han vill boka en resa
He wants to book a trip.
jag ska vila nu
I will rest now.
ska du sluta arbeta
Will you stop working?
jag ska leta under sängen
I will look under the bed.
jag ska följa dig hem
I will follow you home.
var ska du hänga nycklarna
Where are you going to hang the keys?
vem ska undervisa i tyska
Who will teach German?
jag ska skynda mig
I will hurry!
vi ska gifta oss
We are going to get married!
jag tror att det kommer att regna
I think that it is going to rain.
studenterna kommer att uppnå målet
The students are going to achieve the goal.
han kommer att tappa paraplyet
He is going to drop the umbrella.
hans fru kommer hem i morgon bitti
His wife is coming home tomorrow morning.
du kommer att glömma nycklarna
You are going to forget the keys!
det kommer inte att hända
It is not going to happen!
det kommer att ordna sig
It is going to work out.
det kommer inte att fungera
It is not going to work.
ingen kommer att sakna dig
No one is going to miss you.
det kommer inte att påverka oss
It is not going to affect us.
ingenting kommer att hindra henne
Nothing is going to stop her.
vi ska ha fest i övermorgon
We are going to have a party the day after tomorrow.