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jag hade
I had
Jag hade ringt
I had rung
Jag hade gått
I had gone
Jag hade hört
I had heard
Jag hade ätit
I had eaten
Jag hade hittat
I had found
Jag hade kommit
I had come
Jag hade gett
I had given
Jag hade skrivit
I had written
Jag hade tagit
I had taken
Jag hade förlorat
I had lost
Jag hade skurit
I had cut [i.e. with a knife]
Jag hade stängt
I had closed
Jag hade dött
I had died
Jag hade försökt
I had tried
Jag hade känt
I had known [someone]
Jag hade känt mig
I had felt [something]
Jag hade åkt
I had gone/travelled
Jag hade öppnat
I had opened
Jag hade valt
I had chosen
Jag hade levt
I had lived [been alive]
Jag hade upptäckt
I had discovered
Jag hade funnits
I had found
Jag hade vetat
I had known [something]
Jag hade glömt
I had forgotten