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Vad skulle du svara om han frågade?
What/How would you answer if he asked?
Skulle han äta surströmming?
Would he eat fermented herring?
Om jag hade pengar skulle jag köpa nya kläder.
If I had money I would buy new clothes.
Jag skulle ge dig pengar om jag hade några.
I would give you money if I had any.
Vad skulle du vilja ha?
What would you like (to have)?
Jag skulle vilja träffa henne igen.
I would like to meet her again.
Skulle du bli ledsen om hon inte kommer?
Would you be sad if she did not come?
Jag skulle ha gått
I would have gone.
Vad skulle du ha ändrat?
What would you have changed?
Hon skulle ha skrivit en längre bok.
She would have written a longer book.
Hon skulle ha varit där.
She would have been there.
Vad skulle du ha haft i väskan?
What would you have had in the bag?
Han skulle ha skrivit.
He would have written.
Vi skulle ha varit glada.
We would have been happy.
Jag skulle inte ha ändrat någonting.
I would have not changed anything.
Varför skulle du ha ändrat det?
Why would you have changed it?
Skulle du ha gått tillbaka?
Would you have gone back?
Du skulle ha ringt honom.
You would have rung him.
Vad vore jag utan dig?
What would I be without you?
Vad skulle du göra om du var jag?
What would you do if you were me?
Skulle jag kunna få ett glas vatten.
Would I be able to/Could I get a glass of water?
Han skulle ha läst boken om hon hade skrivit den.
He would have read the book if she had have written it.
Jag skulle ha gett dig allt jag har.
I would have given you everything I have.