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Vi skulle börja med att spela fotboll, men han hade glömt bollen hemma.
We were going to start playing football but he had forgotten the ball at home.
Jag visste inte att de skulle komma.
I did not know that they were going to come.
Jag hoppades att du skulle komma.
I was hoping (that) you would come.
Hon gick tidigare, eftersom hon skulle träffa sin syster.
She went earlier since/because she was going to meet her sister.
I går var jag nervös eftersom jag skulle träffa kungen.
Yesterday I was nervous since/because I was going to meet the king.
Han såg ut som om han skulle börja gråta.
He looked as if/though he was going to start crying.
Hon skulle komma efter honom.
She was going to come after him.
De skulle åka till Frankrike på semester.
They were going to go to France on vacation/holiday.