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ett lik
a corpse
ett slag
a hit, stroke, strike, a sort, a moment
en verksamhet
an activity, a business, enterprise, operation
en stöd
(a) support
en skillnad
a difference
en grund
a ground, land, a foundation, a cause, reason, basis
ett behov
a need, a requirement
en anledning
a reason; a cause/grounds
ett håll
a stop, a station, a direction, a distance
en port
an entrance, a gate, a doorway, a portal
en handling
an act, deed, an action, a storyline, (a) shopping
ett tillfälle
an opportunity, an occasion, an instance
en takt
a rhythm, a pace
en källa
a source
en lokal
a place, locality, premise, a habitat
ett villkor
a condition, a precondition
en orsak
a cause/grounds; a reason
en chans
a chance, opportunity
en ordning
(an) order; a tidiness
en herr
a mister, a sir
ett tryck
a pressure, a print
ett ryck
a pull, a yank, a jerk
ett bidrag
a contribution, a subsidy, a social benefit
en förening
an assosciation, union, society, club
en gemenskap
a community, a fellowship
en skiva
a slice; a disc; a record [e.g. music]; a social gathering [colloquial]