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Bonus - Verbs: Infinitive 4

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att råka
to come across, encounter, to happen/chance to
att drabba
to befall, happen to, fall upon, hit, strike
att påstå
to say, state, declare, assert, maintain, contend, argue
att kontrollera
to check (up on), verify, test, inspect
att erbjuda
to offer
att ange
to state, mention, report, to indicate, mark, note
att anmäla
to report, to notify
att behandla
to treat, handle, attend <to>, deal <with>
att ingå
to be included
att styra
to steer, drive, guide, direct
att bilda
to form, to build, to shape, to educate, to inform
att samla
to collect, to gather, to organise
att sprida
to spread, to distribute
att eka
to echo
att genomföra
to carry out, realise, to accomplish
att peka
to point
att påpeka
to point out
att hantera
to handle, manage
att döma
to judge, sentence, condemn
att tyda
to indicate, point to, to interpret, decipher
att bedöma
to judge, to form an opinion, to mark, grade, to evaluate, to criticize
att erkänna
to confess, admit; to recognise, acknowledge
att tolka
to interpret
att ägna
to devote, dedicate
att satsa
to stake, venture, invest
att lyfta
to lift
att riva
to tear, to rip