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Nei5 hou2 maa3?
How are you?
Nei5 gan6 noi4 dim2 aa3
How have you been recently?
Nei5 giu3 mat1 je3 meng1 aa3?
What is your name?
Ngo5 go3 meng2 giu3 ___
My name is ___
Ceng2 man6, nei5 gwai3 sing3 aa3?
Please, what is your surname?
Ngo5 sing3 ___
My surname is ___
Nei5 zyu6 hai2 bin1 dou6 aa3
Where do you live?
Ngo5 zyu6 hai2 ______ gaa3
I’m living in ______
Nei5 gei2 seoi3 aa3
How old are you?
Ngo5 gam1 nin4 ___ seoi3
I am ___ years old this year
Ngo5 hai2 ___ daai6 hok5
I am at ___ University
Ngo5 duk6 ___
I study ___
Ngo5 hai2 ___ nin4 ban1 jin4 gau3 saang1
I am a ___ year graduate student
Nei5 sik1 m4 sik1 gong2 gwong2 dung1 waa2
Do you know how to speak Cantonese?
Siu2 siu2
A little bit
Hou2 gou1 heng3 jin6 sik1 nei5 aa3
Nice to meet you
Hang6 wui6
Nice to meet you (formal)
Zoi3 gin3
See you soon (informal)
Ci4 di1 gin3
See you later
Baai3 baai3
Bye bye
Zoi3 wui2
See you soon (formal)
Maan6 maan2 haang4
Take care
Hey! Hi!
Hello (on phone)
Hou2 loi6 mou5 gin3
Long time no see!
Wai3, dim2 aa3
Hi, how are you (informal)
Zou2 san4
Good morning
Ng5 on1
Good afternoon
Maan5 on1
Good evening (formal)
Zou2 tau2
Goodnight (or go to hell)
Nei5 hai6 bin1 dou6 lai4
Where are you from?
Ngo5 hai6 ______ lai4
I’m from ______
Ngo5 hai6 ______ jan4
I am a ______ person
nei5 sik6 zo2 faan6 mei6 aa3?
Have you eaten (rice) yet? (long)
sik6 faan6 mei6 aa3?
Have you eaten (rice) yet? (casual)
nei5 ne1?
and you?
heoi3 fan1 gung1 aa3?
are you going to work?
heoi3 jam2 caa4 aa3?
are you going to dim sum?
heoi3 fan1 hok6 aa3?
are you going to school?
fan1 uk1 kei2 aa3?
are you going home?
ceot1 gaai1 aa3?
are you going out?
M4 hai6
Deoi3 m4 zyu6
Sorry/excuse me
Do1 ze6
Thank you (for gift)
M4 goi1
Thank you (for service)
M4 sai2 haak3 hei2
You’re welcome (formal)
M4 sai2 m4 goi1
You’re welcome (casual)
Hou2 hou2
Gei2 hou2
Quite good
Maa4 maa4 dei6
ngo5 m5 zi1 dou3
I don't know
Hou2 caam2
ngo5 mou5 so2 wai6
I don't care
ngo5 m5 ming4 baak6
I don't understand
m5 goi1 gong2 dou1 jat1 ci4
Please say that once more?