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Les Evénements Sportifs

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les événements sportifs
sporting events
le but
[the] goal
le champion
[the] champion (m)
la championne
[the] champion (f)
le championnat
[the] championship
le concours
[the] contest
la coupe du monde
[the] world cup
le coureur
[the] cyclist (m) (in a race)
la coureuse
[the] cyclist (f) (in a race)
la course
[the] race
[the] team
un essai
a try (rugby)
le joueur
[the] player (m)
la supportrice
[the] supporter (f)
le vainqueur
[the] winner
à la mi-temps
at half-time
il a terminé en deuxième place
he finished in second place
elle a marqué un but
she scored a goal
on a gagné
we (informal) won
on a perdu
we (informal) lost