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Potential difference
The amount of energy per 1C of charge that is needed to drive the charges through a component
Tool to measure the current in a circuit
Unit of measurement for current
Amount of charge that passes by a point in one second
A closed loop that a current can flow through
Free electrons
Electrons that easily leave their atoms and move randomly in an object
Electromotive force (e.m.f.)
The potential difference (voltage) measured across a cell or battery. The amount of potential a unit of charge gains from the cell/battery.
liquid that contains ions
Unit of measurement for potential difference
Tool used to measure the potential difference
In series
Connecting components in a circuit so that the current goes through each one, after another
In parallel
A circuit whose path divides into 2 (or more) paths, and then rejoin before completing the circuit
More than one cell connected in series
conventional current
The historically incorrect version of noting the direction of a current in a circuit. It points the direction that a positive charge would flow.
a single unit that converts chemical energy into electrical potential energy
part of an electrical circuit
drift speed
speed of an electron due to the electric field
electrical end of a battery or electrical component