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to provide, cede (power), to hand over, emit, release, cast (a vote), surrender, deliver (a package, flowers) (a)
der Verkehr
the traffic (no plural)
das Badezimmer; -
the bathroom (not Toilette, Klo, Bad)
German (adj.)
German language
das Steuer; -
the rudder (not Ruder) (no plural)
der Kanal; -"e (die Kanäle)
the channel, the canal
die Steuer; -n
the tax
der Ausdruck; -"e
the expression (verbal, mathematical, facial, print / edition, etc.)
der Bart; -"e
the beard
twice, double, duplicate (d)
die Beteiligung; -en
the sharing, involvement (not Teilung) (B)
der Schmuck
the jewelry (no plural)