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to teach ('l_')
der Saft; -"e
the juice
die Aktion; -en
the action, campaign ('A_')
der Teppich; -e
the carpet, the rug
die Leine; -n
the leash
die Umgebung; -en
the surrounding area ('Umfeld', 'Umland', or ...)
der Profi; -s
the pro
der Handel
the trade (no plural)
to collapse, to cave in, to dip, to become gaunt, to occur to someone, to come to mind (e)
der Fleck; -en
the spot, stain
die Leistung; -en
the performance, achievement, accomplishment (not Aufführung, Auftritt) (L)
smooth, sleek, slick, straight, downright
die Stufe; -n
the level ('S_') (not Schritt, Treppe...)
die Unterwäsche
the underwear (plural only)