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1816 - 1830

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der Wettbewerb; -e
the competition, contest (not Konkurrenz, Wettkampf) (W)
der Enkel; -
the grandchild (not Enkelkind) (no plural ending)
useless (n)
die Couch; -es
the couch
das Sofa; -s
the sofa
Russian (adj.)
das Gehalt; -"er
the salary, wage (G)
to represent sb/sth, to advocate for sb/sth (v)
die Mutti; -s
the mama, mom, mum (not Mama)
die Saison; -s
the season (Jahreszeit, ... )
das Wohnzimmer; -
the living room
to clean (not reinigen, säubern, saubermachen) (p)
die Republik; -en
the republic
der Eimer; -
the bucket
das Ufer; -
the bank (of a river, etc.) (no plural)