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1936 - 1950

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die Anlage; -n
the facility; the construction; the installation (not Einrichtung) (A)
to improve (non-reflexive)
die Kasse; -n
the till, the cash register
der Fußball; -"e
the football, (the) soccer (ball)
to transfer, confer, assign, relay, broadcast, transmit (a virus) (ü)
die Bekannte
the female acquaintance (not Freundin), acquaintance of either sex (no further plural)
to tremble
der Politiker; -
the politician
die Tüte; -n
the bag ('Tasche' or ...) (T)
der Schein; -e
the bill, bank note, flash or glow (not Geldschein, Banknote) (S)
der Liter; -
the liter
der Friseur; -e
the male hair stylist
die Diskussion; -en
the discussion (not Debatte) (D)
die Anzahl
the quantity, number, count (no plural) (not Menge, Quantität) (A)