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die Sünde; -n
sin, transgression
der Nachttisch; -e
the nightstand, night table
der Krimi; -s
the crime film/novel/story
die Auswirkung; -en
the impact, ramification, repercussion, effect, consequence ('A_')
der Bizeps; -e
the biceps
die Metzgerei; -en
the butcher shop, meat market ('M_')
to dry (sb/sth) off, to dry, to dry up (a)
die Pflaume; -n
the plum
das Motorboot; -e
the motorboat
die Arbeiterklasse
the working class, social class (no plural)
die Altstadt; -"e
the old downtown, historic downtown, old city center, historic district
die Gebrauchsanweisung; -en
the operator's manual, operating manual, operating instructions, directions, signature on prescriptions (G)
der Fahrplan; -"e
The timetable, schedule (train, bus, etc.), political road map
to correlate, to be associated, to be connected, to interreleate
Irish (adj.)