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das Turnen
the gymnastics (no plural)
der Fußgänger; -
the pedestrian, pedestrians, walker, walkers
to enclose (in a letter), settle, resolve (a dispute)
die Hausnummer; -n
the house number
to pull out, yank, extract ('h_')
das Leitungswasser
the faucet water, water from the faucet, tap water, piped water (no plural)
die Pappe; -n
the cardboard, pasteboard, carton, driver's license
der Sitzplatz; -"e
the seat, seating position
to tick (a checkbox on a form), forget about (consider as over and done with), tally, unhook sth, check off (a list), tick off
das Doppelbett; -en
the double bed
der Büstenhalter; -
the bra, brassiere
das Tischtuch; -"er
the tablecloth
to plunge (into), immerse (in) (water), dip (in), dunk (under)
der Untergrund; -"e
the underground (all senses), subsoil, subfloor