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die Verhütung; -en
the contraception (V_)
das Waschpulver; -
the laundry detergent powder
der Gasherd; -e
the gas stove; the gas cooktop
die Ausrüstung; -en
equipment, apparatus, gear (not Apparat)
die Rundfahrt; -en
the round trip
die Gaststätte; -n
the cheap restaurant ('G_')
die Furche; -n
the furrow
Dutch (adj.)
die Plakatwand; -"e
billboard, hoarding, advertisement board
der Ministerpräsident; -en; -en
the prime minister
das Skilaufen
the skiing (as an activity) (no plural) ('Skifahren" or ...)
die Pianistin; -nen
the female pianist
die Hausaufgabe; -n
the homework assignment
die Rechtskurve; -n
the right-hand curve/bend, curve/bend to the right, sharp deviation to the right
der Wegfall; -
the elimination, omission, discontinuation, cessation (W)