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die Sciencefiction
the science fiction (no plural)
to convene, summon, convoque, call together
die Dauerwelle; -n
the perm, permanent (hair)
die Ostsee
the Baltic Sea (no plural)
der Kochkurs; -e
the cooking class, cooking course
die Berufsschule; -n
the vocational school
die Beschränkung; -en
the constraint, restriction, restraint, limitation
das Menschenrecht; -e
the human right
der Radfahrer; -
the cyclist
to douse (with liquid), to water, to shower, to baste (meat with sauce)
die Banknote; -n
the banknote ('B_')
to drive in
die Anrichte; -n
the sideboard, dresser, pantry
consistent, coherent, uniform, unified, homogenous
das Grundgesetz; -e
the constitution, the basic law (not 'Verfassung')