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die Gardine; -n
the curtain, drape, net curtain ('Vorhang' or ...)
die Karikatur; -en
the caricature
das Glatteis
the sheet of ice, black ice, smooth black hair (no plural)
die Süßigkeit; -en
the candy, treat, sweet, sweetness
beet red, bright red
der Schlafraum; -"e
the bedroom, dormitory room ('schlafzimmer' or ...)
to extend, broaden, expand, enlarge
die Naturwissenschaft; -en
the natural science ('Naturforschung' or ...)
der Wintergarten; -"
the conservatory, solarium, sunroom, winter garden
der Videorecorder; -
the video recorder
die Vorfahrt; -en
the priority, the right of way (traffic)
die Berufsberatung; -en
the career counseling, vocational counseling, career advice
die Tomatensoße
the tomato sauce (no plural)
die Innovation; -en
the innovation ('I_')