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to disinherit
das Mitbringsel; -
the small gift (brought to give to a host)
die Waschküche; -n
the laundry room ('Wa_')
der Auszubildende; -n
the apprentice or apprentices, trainee or trainees (not Lehrling,) (female or plural) (A)
der Tatort; -e
scene of the crime, crime scene, place where event occurs
explicable, explainable
die Rentenversicherung; -en
the pension insurance, pension insurance fund
das Präsens; die Präsentia
the present tense
der Teppichboden; -"
the carpeted floor
die Haarsträhne; -n
the strand of hair
die Kuckucksuhr; -en
the cuckoo clock
die Ferienzeit; -en
the holiday season, holiday period, vacation time
der Ferienjob; -s
the summer job; the vacation job
das Tagesmenü; -s
the menu of the day
der Konzertsaal; die Konzertsäle
the concert hall