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die Anklage; -n
the accusation, charge, prosecution, indictment ('A_')
das Hundewetter
the rotten weather ('H_') (no plural)
das Ornament; -e
the ornament
das Einzelbett; -en
the single bed
die Ewigkeit
the eternity, perpetuity, immortality
der Traumberuf; -e
the dream job, job of one's dreams
die Semesterferien
the semester break (plural only)
die Leidenschaft; -en
the passion, fervor, zeal
der Couchtisch; -e
the coffee table
verhalten (adj)
cautious, restrained, muted, subdued (adj)
der Kassenzettel; -
the sales receipt, sales slip (not 'Verkaufsbeleg')
der Champignon; -s
the mushroom
to pull up, loom, gather (storm)