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das Spielwarengeschäft; -e
the toy store
der Ortsname; -ns; -n
the place name (weak and special)
die Dreiergruppe; -n
the threesome, triad, trio, group of three
die Peseta; die Peseten
the peseta (former Spanish currency)
to rub in, to smear in
die Residenz; -en
the residence
to emigrate ('e_')
to drizzle (rain)
der Winterschlussverkauf; -"e
the winter sale, winter closeout sale
das Softeis
the soft ice cream (no plural)
die Brauerei; en
the brewery, beer plant, beer company
das Eigentum; -
the property, possession, ownership, properties
die Glückwunschkarte; -n
the greeting card (christmas card, birthday card, etc.)
die Herrenabteilung; -en
the men's department