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erkältet sein
to have a cold
zum ersten Mal
for the first time
der Ostermontag; -e
the Easter Monday
reagieren (auf)
to react (to)
der Übergang; -"e
the transition, segue (music), junction, crossover, crossing
to confess, admit (not 'zugeben')
der Hai; -e
the shark
betteln (um)
to beg (for)
zum Geburtstag gratulieren
to wish a happy birthday
available on prescription (drug), requiring a prescription (adj.)
der Treffer; -
the strike, hit, goal (sports)
südlich (von)
south (of)
dedicated, devoted, given
der Ansatz; -"e
the approach (to a problem), concept, attempt, start
zum einen
for one thing, for one, on the one hand, for a start