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das Rätsel; -
the riddle, conundrum, mystery, puzzle, enigma
das gekochte Ei; -er
the boiled egg
die Reichweite
range, reach
Das stimmt.
That's right.
die Bermudashorts
the Bermuda shorts (no plural)
Recht haben
to be right ('R~') (idiom)
das Rote Kreuz
the Red Cross (no plural)
to develop, evolve, devise, generate, process, design
jemand anders
somebody else (two words) (j)
die Jobliste; -n
the list of jobs
sich von etwas erholen
to recover from sth, to get over sth (flue, shock, etc.) (4 words)
fertig lesen
to finish reading
von unten
from below, underarm (pitch/throw, in baseball) from the bottom (up),
außer Betrieb
out of order