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die Geigerin; -nen
the female violinist
entweder ... oder ...
either ... or ...
pure, sheer, purely, mere, clean
to report (sth), announce, notify, signal, message (sb)
to touch, to concern, affect (sb) esp. emotionally, to meet (requirements, norms, etc.)
am schwarzen Brett
on the bulletin board
eine alleinerziehende Mutter
a single mother
Ich habe es satt.
I'm sick of it. I'm fed up with it. ('Ich_')
to register, subscribe, announce, notify, enroll
um die Ecke
around the corner
der Fachmann; - Fachleute
specialist, expert, professional
allegedly, alleged, supposed, reputed, perceived ('v_')
die Spielwaren
the toys ('Spielsachen,' 'Spielzeuge,' or ...)
rund um
round, around (the clock care, service) (2 part phrase)
der Österreicher; -
the Austrian person