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to stem (from), to be descended (from) to originate (from), to arise (from), to date back to
die Aufenthaltsdauer
the length of stay (no plural) (A)
linguistic, linguistically
nicht mal
not even ('n_')
der Börsenbericht; -e
the stock market report
gar nicht
not at all, not a bit ('g_')
Herr Ober!
Waiter! ('H_')
es gibt
there is/are
apparently, seemingly, apparent ('a_')
Herzliche Grüße
Kind regards (two words) ('H_')
stark reduziert
sharply reduced
Euch ist nicht bewusst ...
You guys don't realise ...
underground, subterranean, abysmal (really bad)
der Umbau; -ten
the conversion, renovation, reconstruction, rebuild