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to lend, to loan, rent, hire (l_)
die Auswanderung; -en
the exodus, hemorrhage (fig), emigration ('Au_')
der Darsteller; -
the actor, performer (male) (not 'Schauspieler')
die Scheidung; -en
the divorce
der Flugbegleiter; -
the male flight attendant
das Bundesland; -"er
the German state
sich befinden
to be located, to be situated, to feel
die Anordnung; -en
the order (a command), arrangement (order of items)
auf einmal
suddenly, all of a sudden, in a single stroke, at once ('a~')
der Fahrradweg; -e
the bicycle path
to strike, pounce, shut (a book), slam, coldcock (punch suddenly and without warning) (am)
jemanden verklagen
to sue sb, to institute legal proceedings against sb (two words) (j)
zum Geburtstag
for sb's birthday, for one's birthday
sich ausziehen
to undress, to get undressed
sitzen bleiben
to stay seated, repeat the year (school), to get held back (school)