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das Präteritum
the simple past tense (no plural)
foggy, hazy, misty
to leave, retire, withdraw, resign, excrete (sweat), eliminate
halb drei
half past two
in erster Linie
first and foremost ('in_')
die Einstufung; -en
the classification, assessment, grading, rating, placement
Von wegen!
my butt! my eye! are you kidding me! You must be joking! (2 part phrase) ('V_')
eine Tasse Kaffee
a cup of coffee
der Betrüger
the fraud, crook, cheater, swindler, deceiver ('B_')
die E-Mail-Adresse; -n
the email address
sich bewerben
to apply (job, position) to submit one's application
der Violinist; -en; -en
the violinist ('Geiger' or ...)
die Winterjacke; -n
the winter jacket