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Frohe Weihnachten!
Merry Christmas! (two words & and an exclamation point)
ins Bett
(go) to bed
eines Tages
one day, some day, eventually
wieder verwerten
to recycle ('w~') (idiom)
der Nachweis; -e
proof, evidence, verification (not 'Beweis,' 'Beleg,')
to sunbathe
die Aufregung; -en
excitement, commotion, fuss (not 'G_')
jemanden diskriminieren
to discriminate against sb (two words) (j)
Wie ist das Wetter?
How is the weather?
die Gabe; -n
the talent, gift (talent), endowment, present (not 'Talent')
der Beleg; -e
proof, evidence, supporting document, sales receipt
Gott sei Dank!
Thank God!
die Katastrophe; -n
disaster, catastrophe
to accelerate, speed up ('b_')
to rake