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vor allem
above all (2 part phrase)('vor_')
abgesehen von
apart from (2 part phrase)
Bis später!
See you later! ('Bis s_')
Keine Angst!
Fear not!, Don't be afraid! No worries! Don't worry! (two words, not plural)
das Relikt
the remnant, relic, leftovers (not 'Überbleibsel')
to near, to approximate (come closer)
confused, flustered, distraught, messy, muddeled, jumbled (not 'unordentlich')
zum Mittagessen
for lunch, at lunch
der Fahrradhelm; -e
the bicycle helmet
eine Glatze bekommen
to go bald ('eine_')
um Rat fragen
to ask for advice (not 'um Rat bitten') ('um_')
das Lexicon; die Lexica
the encyclopedia (L-)
then (e.g. the then President)
instead, instead of, in lieu of ('s_')