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jedes Mal
each time, every time, whenever (2 parts)
der Applaus; -e
the applause
die Lebenshaltungskosten
The cost of living (plural only)
to outsource (work), to transfer, swap (comp), remove sth from stock
das T-Shirt; -s
the T-shirt
Unrecht haben
to be wrong ('U~')
zur Uni
to the university (short form)
noch mal
again, once again (2 part phrase (not 'noch einmal') ('n_')
jemanden abholen
to pick sb up (from somewhere) (two words) (j)
der Doppelgänger
the lookalike, the double, the fetch (in movies), sb who looks like/doubles as sb else.
so schnell wie möglich
as fast as possible (4 words) (s)
die Vokabel; -n
the vocabulary ('V_')
der Barcode; -s
the barcode ('not Strichcode,' 'Balkencode')
immer mehr
more and more ('i_')
das Fundbüro; -s
the lost property office, lost and found office