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Viel Glück!
Lots of luck!
to hover, float, hang (suspended in air), waft (blow through the air)
die Sammlung; -en
the collection, anthology (lit), gathering of people
sich verändern
to change oneself, to change itself (a situation, substance, etc.)
letzte Nacht
last night
somehow, one way or another, kind of, in some way
Viertel nach elf
quarter after eleven
der Ordner; -
the folder, file, folders
Zimmer frei
vacancies, rooms available
Er ist Arzt von Beruf.
He is a physician by trade.
von jetzt an
from now on ('v_'
sich auflösen
to dissolve, disintegrate, dissipate, give way, come apart, come undone, resolve itself, disappear into thin air (fig.)
to suspend, impede, hinder, delay, hold up, (delay), halt
actually, actual, indeed, true ('t_')
heute morgen
this morning