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old-fashioned, outdated, obsolete, outmoded (not 'veraltet')
der Geschirrspüler; -
the dishwasher ('G_')
sich die Hände waschen
to wash one's hands
determined, resolute, intent, decisive
die Trauer
the grief, sorrow, mourning ('T_')
Sehr geehrter Herr
Dear Sir
sich umschauen
to look around ('sich_')
gar nichts
nothing at all (2 words) ('g_')
to undertake, to make (changes, corrections), to take measurements, carry out (sth) ('v_')
nördlich (von)
north (of)
to commit (crime, etc.), to perpetrate (crime), to mark sth (a birth, death, 9/11), observe sth (celebrate)
der Umstand; -"e
circumstance, case, fact
to employ sb, to undertake sth (investigation), to appoint sb
sich umziehen
1. to move, to change residences. 2. to change clothes ('sich_')
die Fluggesellschaft; -en
the airline